my perspektif ….The world of photography is an art to be able to judge the beauty and feel of a work that has value that everyone can consider beautiful and too bad. Depending on how people judge a work that we provide. It is a source of very broad and there needs to be an assessment of how to respond and the concept of the right to take the right decision…



Every moment of your life is like a picture you’ve ever seen, and the image that will never be seen again. So, enjoy your life and make every moment to be beautiful.

Do not spoil what you have right now to pursue something that you might not have. Therefore, what you have today could be the one of the many things that you dream about most.

If you pray, do not ask for an easy life, but ask the gods to make you a stronger person.

Life is like a bicycle mengendaradi. To maintain balance, the bike had to keep going. Similarly this life.

Celebrate every day in real life because tomorrow will come very quickly.

Education is not preparation for life because real education is life itself.

Nothing is softer than strength, and there is nothing stronger than gentleness.

The fool always thought that god is on his side. Instead, the wise man is always trying to get closer to god.

A smile is the little things that can make life easier.

Living through unimpeded road very rarely leads to success.

Marsangap go to Sibolangit City in Nort sumatera